Yoshiki Fujiwara


●世界最高峰のコンテストである2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Peopleにおいて第2位を獲得。日本人初のピープル部門での受賞となる。さらに世界的コンテストであるInternational Photography Awards 2018 プロ部門,ネイチャーカテゴリーにおいて2位を受賞。その他多数のコンテストでの受賞歴がある。メディアでは2019 Adobe Lightroom CC プロモーションムービーに出演、National Geographicへの写真提供、国内外のカメラ雑誌への寄稿、書籍、トークショー、商品レビューなど幅広い活動を行っている。元プロスノーボーダー。


Ranked # 2 in 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest People, the world's premier contest. It was the first time for a Japanese to win the People Award. In addition, in the International Photography Awards 2018 professional category, which is a worldwide contest, it received the 2nd prize in the nature/season category. He has won many other contests. On the media side, he is the first Japanese to appear in the 2019 Adobe Lightroom CC Promotion Movies, provide photos to National Geographic, contribute to camera magazines in Japan and abroad, and engage in a wide range of activities including books, talk shows, and company calendars.